111 Spectacular Waterfalls in Cebu

All hail the Queen!

An island province in the Philippines, with a capital city of the same name a.k.a. the “Queen City of the South”, Cebu lives up to its expectation as it steadily draws more tourists with a goal to experience what it has to offer. One’s trip to and around Cebu will not be complete without a splash or two to some of its natural waterscapes such as waterfalls, springs and rivers. Dotted with lots of waterfalls ~ pristine and relatively undisturbed natural areas or commercially developed~ majority of these falls will assure both locals and tourists adrenaline-pumping eco-adventure or laid back relaxation. And for the first time ever, I hope this will optimistically convince you to recognize that Cebu is the “Waterfalls Capital of the Philippines.”

Aerial view of a surreal natural pool in Basak, San Fernando ~ Busay Falls!

One year ago today, my adventure buddies and I shared our on-going list of waterfalls in Cebu Province to Sir Rogelio a.k.a. Pinoy Travel Freak, all for the love of Cebu. At that time, we’ve only tracked around 90 waterfalls, but with our respective daredevils flaring up inside us, weekend exploration continues leading our wayfaring feet to more meandering streams and rivers – raging, fragile, tamed and dried-up.

Now that I’ve finally made my way into the blogosphere, I’m proud to share with you the updated (yet indefinitive) inventory of waterfalls in Cebu as of September 05, 2016.

Cebu City

  1. Saki Falls, Pit-os
  2. Buktot Falls, Bonbon
  3. Kabang Falls, Budlaan
  4. Hush Puppies Falls, Tagba-o
  5. Himbabawud Falls, Bonbon
  6. Lut-od Falls, Budlaan
  7. Tinisik-Uwang Falls, Budlaan
  8. Padidit Falls, Malubog
  9. Busay Lut-od Falls, Guadalupe
  10. Kawa Falls, Toong Pardo
  11. Liki Falls, Tagba-o
  12. Binaliw Falls, Talamban
  13. Mangasang Falls, Tagba-o
  14. Lusaran Falls, Tabunan
  15. Linut-od Falls, Taptap
  16. Dita (Yaya) Falls, Pulangbato
  17. Kahugan Falls, Sapangdako
  18. Kalunasan Falls, Guadalupe
  19. Kamandagan Falls, Sirao
  20. Tawagan Falls, Busay
  21. Buwanan Falls, Sibugay
  22. Linaw Falls, Pamutan
  23. Masaba Falls, Tabunan
  24. Sayaw Falls, Adlaon
  25. Guining Falls, Tabunan
  26. Lanipao Falls, Sapangdako
  27. Balisong Falls, Kalunasan
  28. Cantipla Falls, Cantipla
  29. Busay-busay Falls, Busay
  30. Taptap Falls, Taptap
Holding on for dear life inside the King of Cebu City’s Waterfalls ~ Tinisik-uwang Falls!

Southern Cebu

  1. Malingin Falls, Minglanilla
  2. Bocaue (Campo Cuatro) Falls, Talisay
  3. Igotan Falls, Talisay
  4. Manipis Falls, Talisay
  5. Busay (Basak) Falls, San Fernando
  6. Lisuran Falls, San Fernando
  7. Bugho Fall, San Fernando
  8. Kabutongan Falls (Looc), Malabuyoc
  9. Montañeza Falls, Malabuyoc
  10. Handigan Falls, Malabuyoc
  11. Tizon Falls, Malabuyoc
  12. Balobo Falls, Malabuyoc
  13. Malingin Falls, Carcar
  14. Mantayupan Falls, Barili
  15. Kawasan Falls, Badian
  16. Dingayop Falls, Dalaguete
  17. Kawa-kawa Falls, Alegria
  18. Canlaob Falls, Alegria
  19. Dalakit Falls, Alegria
  20. Kitara (Tigib) Falls, Alegria
  21. Montpeller Falls, Alegria
  22. Cancalanog Falls, Alegria
  23. Cambais Falls, Alegria
  24. Valencia Falls, Alegria
  25. Kampael Falls, Ginatilan
  26. Bugnawan Falls, Ginatilan
  27. Inambakan Falls, Ginatilan
  28. Aguinid Falls, Samboan
  29. Marla’s Hidden Falls, Samboan
  30. Binalayan Falls, Samboan
  31. Trabon Falls, Samboan
  32. Kang Minggay Falls, Samboan
  33. Candayvic Falls, Samboan
  34. Tapon Falls, Samboan
  35. Kanciahan Falls, Samboan
  36. Calasa Falls, Samboan
  37. San Miguel Falls, Samboan
  38. Dao Falls, Samboan
  39. Balay’g Sawa Falls, Samboan
  40. Kan Amno Falls, Boljoon
  41. Dayhag Falls, Boljoon
  42. Gulas Falls, Boljoon
  43. Cabadiangan Falls, Alcantara
  44. Batad Batad Falls, Moalboal
  45. Buktot (Taginis) Falls, Moalboal
  46. Liki Falls, Pinamungajan
  47. Udlom Falls, Pinamungajan
  48. Sinungkulan Falls, Pinamungajan
  49. Busagak Falls, Pinamungajan
  50. Pityak (Tubod-Duguan) Falls, Dumanjug
  51. Lelo-an Falls, Dumanjug
  52. Ambacan Falls, Oslob
  53. Tumalog Falls, Oslob
  54. Bugasok Falls, Argao
  55. Lusno Falls, Ronda
  56. Lapnis Falls, Ronda
  57. Maglukso Falls, Santander
The most visited waterfalls in the South due to its accessibility for all ages ~ Aguinid Falls!

When you’re planning to go to Southern Cebu, check out this list of ten amazing off=beat waterfalls penned by the great Lakwatsero!

Northern & Western Cebu

  1. Cabadiangan Falls, Compostela
  2. Panoypoy Falls, Consolacion
  3. Badjaw Falls, Consolacion
  4. Danasan Waterfalls, Danao
  5. Mangitngit Falls, Carmen
  6. Gaas Falls, Balamban
  7. Pangpang Falls, Balamban
  8. Mauyog Falls, Balamban
  9. Kanting-go Falls, Catmon
  10. Mamig Falls, Catmon
  11. Song-on Falls, Catmon
  12. Kanggagawan Falls, Catmon
  13. Tinubdan Falls, Catmon
  14. Malubog Falls, Toledo
  15. Biga Falls, Toledo
  16. Campo Otso Falls, Toledo
  17. Manguyakuya Falls, Toledo
  18. Bagatayam Falls, Sogod
  19. Uwangan Falls, Tabuelan
  20. Mag-atubang Twin Falls, Tuburan
  21. Mag-upi Falls, Tuburan
  22. Amatugan Falls, Tuburan
  23. Panganuron Falls, Camotes
  24. Busay Falls, Tudela, Camotes
A breathtaking paradise tucked away in the lush forest somewhere up north! ^_^

Yeah, it’s quite a massive list! Collectively, we’ve been to approximately 85% of these falls, 10% of which have been discovered by us (first non-local who got to visit and take photographs, as confirmed by locals), coupled with luck, inquisitive attitude, and determination. As per experience, we can claim that majority of those falls are easily accessible to the public (most of them are gaining popularity among tourists) and the rest can only be visited by those armed with adventurous spirit.

Be delighted with more astonishing waterfalls ~ popular and less-trodden ~ by visiting the instagram accounts of my fellow waterfall chasers who contributed to such list, to wit:

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How many waterfalls have you visited? Do you know of any falls near your area that I missed to include above? Feel free to leave a comment below.

To encourage closer engagement with my readers, inquiries (e.g., travel guides, collaboration opportunities, sample photo of specific falls) will be entertained separately. With this, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Wait not till the water runs dry. Pack your dry bags now ‘coz we gotta chase ’em all!

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