Dew Droplet Cake Craze Hits Cebu

The Craze


You don’t have to go to Japan or travel all the way to New York to savor the phenomenal Dew Droplet Cake ‘coz it is making its debut in Cebu.

What’s interesting about this Japanese treat is not how it looks like ~ a large drop of dew, jelled through out, resting on a green leaf ~ but rather the fact that you have to consume it fast because it melts back into water over a span of 30 minutes, under a normal room temperature.

Yes, the Dew Droplet Cake is so delicate and fragile that you have to ingest it fast. Otherwise, you get to eat nothing at all. This self-destructing feature of the Rainbow Cake is offering a unique experience of racing through time while devouring it. And it’s fascinating. Just finished mine for only 5 minutes though. Lol!

Dew Droplet Cake is also called Japanese Raindrop Cake, Water Cake or Mizu Shingen Mochi. Whatever you call it, one thing’s for sure, you cannot order it as a “Take-Out”!

The Taste

Wondering what this translucent dome-shaped dessert taste like? The ‘cake’ itself tastes nothing but water. Not surprising at all since its main ingredient is fresh spring water. Texture-wise, it easily melts in your mouth like a jellyace. Not known to many, the presence of a pinch of agar agar powder has greatly contributed to the solidification of what seems like a glorified gelatin.

What really adds flavor to this dessert are its side servings ~ a drizzle of Kuromitsu (black sugar syrup) and a dusting of kinako (roasted soybean powder). With all those natural and non-fatty ingredients, it can be a great alternative refreshing confection.

The Place


The first and only Dew Droplet Cake made a splash last October 25, 2016 in Skillet Japanese Cafe and Bistro. It is located inside the strip of Norkis Cyberpark, just beside J Centre Mall in A.S. Fortuna Street, Mandaue City.


For Php 220, you can devour this enchanting & healthy dessert. BUT you have to make a reservation first by calling the store’s landline at 417-2805, for they only serve 10 Dew Droplet Cakes a day!

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