Innovative Bus Transit System in Cebu Starts Test Run

If you are commuting on a regular basis, the likelihood that #TheStruggleIsReal reaching your workplace is close to perfect 100%. If you are living somewhere South or North and your office address is located in metro Cebu, then having a difficulty in traveling is already part of your daily routine. Fret no more as riding from home to your place of work (and vice versa) is now made easier and more convenient.

Cebu Business Park (CBP) and Cebu IT Park (CITP), in partnership with Villacar Transit, Inc. (Ceres Liner), will transform the daily commuting scene in Cebu. With a goal to provide an efficient and convenient mode of transportation to all CBP and CITP customers, BPO and office employees, among others, one-ride trip from North and South Bus Terminal going to their workplace is made possible with this innovative transit system established by Cebu Holdings, Inc., developer of both CBP and CITP. Set to open to the general public by conducting test run operations starting Monday, December 26, 2016.


South Bus Terminal -> CBP -> CITP -> CBP -> North Bus Terminal and vice versa. See route map below.

For additional guidance, look for the LED sign boards placed in a conspicuous spot in front of the bus and confirm it by asking the conductor where the bus is heading.

Ceres Route Map courtesy of CBP/CITP management


Cebu Business Park (CBP) has designated two bus stops in the estate namely Bohol St. (@Wipro) and Samar Loop (@Skyrise Alpha) while the only bus stop in Cebu I.T. Park (CITP) is stationed at Geonzon St. (@Garden Bloc).

Photo courtesy by CHI-BD


The earliest trip is 3:30AM from both South and North Bus Terminal. See trip interval and schedule below:

Photo credits to CHI-Bus.Dev.


The first 5 kilometers is pegged at Php 25.00 minimum fare and additional P1.60 per suceeding kilometer. Manual ticketing is expected to be implemented similar to regular bus services.


Management is eyeing to go beyond South and North Bus Terminal to cater up to Carcar (South) and Danao (North) routes. So if you already have experienced riding the bus transit, share your insights on how the management can improve the service by any of the following ways:

1.) Leave your comments on the designated drop boxes:

  • on the bus;
  • at the bus stops; or
  • building lobbies

2.) Post your comments on the Ceres Bus Test Run comments thread in the following FB pages: and

3.) Call Helplines: +63 32 255 3131 or +63 917 505 1100


What do you think of this new bus transit system? Could it be the answer to your daily commuting problem? Comment your thoughts below.

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    1. Yes, definitely Sir. From CBP (samar loop), the bus plies the route going to IT Park (Geonzon st). And oh, you’re welcome..

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