5 Smart Tips To Survive Sinulog 2017

Prititit! Prititit!

The pulsating beat of Sinulog has filled the air of Metro Cebu, impressive line up of religious & cultural activities has been rolled out and influx of visitors has increased as seen wherever you go. Yes! The much-awaited and the country’s most distinguished festival is now in the offing.

There is a vast array of activities in store for everyone this Sinulog so it’s really not surprising that you’ll miss out some of the best that the city and the festival could offer. If you don’t know what to do, where to eat, where to party, where to stay during Sinulog & the activities in Cebu post-Sinulog, then you’re in the right blog post.

Planning your Cebu trip for Sinulog months ahead could make or break your Sinulog experience. But if you are one of the lucky few who spontaneously get to be in Cebu for the festival without any plan at all, then these five (5) smart tips could help you survive Sinulog 2017.

1.) Download the Sinulog Guide Mobile App

Source: Smart

Enhance your Sinulog experience with the Sinulog Guide app powered by Smart.

A project of Smart Communications, Cebu-based media start-up InnoPub, and the Sinulog Foundation, Inc. the Sinulog app is practically a festival and Cebu 101 handbook, as it features extensive information on anything and everything about Sinulog, providing you with updated activities for the festival; useful tools and information that will make it easier for you to navigate the city; as well as tips and suggested spots to check out in and around Cebu. The app also boasts an extensive directory of Cebu establishments such as restaurants, hotels, malls, and emergency services—sparing you of time wasted looking for one.

The Sinulog app is downloadable for free for Android, IOS.  Search Sinulog Guide or visit this link with your mobile browser: http://apps.myguide.ph/sinulog/

2.) Beat the communication challenges with FireChat

Photograbbed from FireChat site

You’ve probably heard the news that signal jamming during Sinulog 2017. Hate to say this but it’s true. As part of security measures adopted by government authorities for Sinulog, telecommunication companies are supporting the government in having a peaceful celebration of Sinulog.

As per Cebu City Command Center’s official notice, the PNP has released the schedule of the cellular site shutdown for the Sinulog Activities and Locations:

January 14, 2017
  • Fluvial Procession: 3AM to 10AM
  • Solemn Foot Procession: 12NN to 8PM
January 15, 2017
  • Grand Parade: 3AM to 10PM

Worry not ‘coz FireChat mobile app is something you can depend on. FireChat is a free messaging app for public and private communications that works even without Internet access or cellular data.

How it works:

As FireChat’s features the “INTERNET OF US” (TM), thus no signal or mobile data needed. Just activate your Bluetooth and WiFi to send and receive messages. You will be automatically connected directly with one another, creating your own network for public and private communications. The more people use it, the bigger and faster your network becomes. Download it for free in Google Play or App Store.

When push comes to shove, plan ahead and clearly establish with your friends the place and time of your meet-up.

3. Party your way to electric Sinulog for free

Sinulog is not complete without the presence of riveting street performances and all-day partying! If windwalking past the throngs of tourist attending the grandest parade carousel is not your thing, then dancing into the groove with the hottest hits played by awesome local talents & international DJs could be a great way to cap off the week!

With the line up of parties this weekend, you may be lucky enough to go to the following parties for FREE, to wit:

  • LifeDance (Friday, Jan 13)
  • ETC Paintensity (Saturday, Jan 14)
  • Sinulog Invasion (Sunday, Jan 15)

For free Lifedance and Invasion tickets, just head over to Smart’s Twitter account (@livesmart) to know how!

Are you ready to unleash your wild side? Party your way into a festive mood at least once in your life!

4. Satiate your wanderlust with world-class attractions in Cebu

You don’t have to go to Brazil to enjoy festive colors and energetic dancing ‘coz you can experience it during Sinulog. Drawing lots of spectators from all over the world, Sinulog can rival Brazil’s glorious Rio Carnival. If you want to maximize your trip in Cebu before or after Sinulog, then check out this list of 25 International and PH wonders in Cebu and start crossing ’em off your bucketlist!

You’ll be surprised to know that you don’t have to travel great distances for the rewards of awe-inspiring attractions and fun-filled jaunts, ‘coz Cebu might just have it all.

5. Know the pros and cons of the accessibility of your accommodation & transportation

Photo credits to sinulog.ph

Looking for a place to stay in Cebu? You may proceed to this page. Just make sure where you are staying is not so far to your favorite spot in the Sinulog Grand Parade.

Unlimited walking spree is also expected to certain areas affected by the procession and Sinulog Grand Parade but if you are going around metro Cebu from or to Airport, South or North Bus Terminal, then these transportation options can be your guide:

Whatever side are you on – religious or cultural aspect, joining Sinulog festivities first hand can surely guarantee a feel of a more celebratory spirit. Always bear in mind that the feast is held in honor of the Santo Niño de Cebu coupled with colorful array of activities, spectacular sights, and a grand procession. No doubt about it, Sinulog surely gives Cebu a name, a vibe and a culture!

Viva, Pit Senyor!

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