OPPO F1s: Capturing Philippines

New year, new adventure!

As the pages of my 2017 travel are about to be inked, its great to look back at my trips in the past and hoping to relive its adventures on a new visual perspective.

With OPPOF1s, I’m much more excited to see the Philippines thru the lens of this revolutionary phone!  Oppo has been focusing on photography for a while now and with the birth of its new smartphone model, OPPO F1s could be my next travel buddy.

An archipelago rich in natural wonders scattered all around the 7107 exotic islands, no doubt the Philippines has a lot to offer. It’s a melting pot for abundant exquisite paradise and extraordinary activities that is worthy of preservation, not just in the memory but also through snapshots.

Let me share with you how beautiful our country is, as captured through my photographs.

1. Mt. Apo, Davao

For the love of the outdoors, my first love is really mountain climbing. And that includes climbing the highest roof of the Philippines, Mt. Apo. I hope to revisit this mother of all mountains and take a selfie with its panoramic backdrop anytime soon.


2. Chasing Waterfalls in Iligan

Ofcourse, waterfalls is on top of my list as well. As a true-blue waterfall chaser, I love to take a shower with natural cascades, dip in a cool basin and make a splash with anything that flows. I love to deviate from the norm, explore off-the-beaten paths and discover yet another pleasant surprises. The Philippines’ prolific waterscape is my playground. The call of the wild is something I cannot grasp in its real sense. Chasing waterfalls is my kind of adventure.. my escape.. my haven..

There are numerous waterfalls around the city of Iligan, each one possessing unique and appealing characteristics. Love to cross ‘em out one by one while taking photos of each using OPPO F1s.

3. Sandbar in Kalanggaman Island

This seemingly pacific dreamland is too gorgeous to ditch. Kalanggaman Island offers a huge stretch of white fine sand forming bird’s wings and surrounded by pristine waters. This natural beauty will delight visitors for as far as the eye can see. For me, this is the best sandbar I’ve been to. Selfie with the sandbar can be great too.

4. Rice Terraces in Mt. Province

Sunrise at Batad

Witnessed the majestic sun peeking behind the great mountain ranges of cordillera. This grand show is eternal I believe, while the locals are living a simple and laid back life. Spectacular view, awesome people, a place to truly pleasure the gift of nature. Lucky to have captured it via mobile.

5. Cave Exploration in Calbiga, Samar

Extended summer spree in two of three provinces in an off-the-radar local destination, Samar Island, with two awesome travelers in PH @thelakwatsero and @neverbeendan. Did spelunking in the largest cave system in the country ~ Langon-Gobingog Cave in Calbiga, Samar and enjoyed dipping in the natural hidden pool cave in Guiuan, Eastern Samar. While everyone’s busy with the May 2016 Election, we chose to escape from the urban madness and spend it exploring the beauty of the underworld in Samar where nature at its best can truly be experienced.

6. Sunset Wakeboarding at Bantayan Island

Reminiscing this shot in Bantayan with a boy who is about to do wakeboarding and I have to chase him because he was so fast and when he suddenly positioned himself in the middle of the setting sun, his silhouette was emphasized giving a dramatic effect and is just a spectacular sight to behold. I thought that each day starts and ends with a beautiful natural sight. Allow yourself to be captivated by nature’s allure, make a reflection and be thankful. 

7. Sirao Flower Farm

When the flower farm craze spread like wildfire in the social media, netizens flocked into the hillside of barangay Sirao to experience the Spring season and relish the beauty of the fiery multi-colored field of celosia akin to the tulip fields of the Netherlands. In light of the foregoing, it is branded as the “#miniAmsterdam” of Cebu. As of writing, burlas (local name of celosia) blooms anew, awaiting to stage your selfies.

8. Sunrise at Anda, Bohol

This photo was taken during sunrise at Anda Beach, Bohol. We woke up early and waited for the sun to rise. And when the right instance came, the shutter was clicked and this photo was captured. I can say, in photography and in life, timing is everything. That feeling that you have to jumpstart your day with a happy disposition ‘coz you know another adventure awaits!

9. Budget-Friendly Bar Hopping In Lakawon Island

If you’re eyeing multi-bar hopping adventure on a tight budget, then head to Lakawon Island! A quick sojourn to this beautiful paradise off the coast of Cadiz in the northern most part of Negros Occidental can make your trip a memorable one.  Lakawon Island’s newest attraction is the Tawhai Floating Bar which is dubbed as “the largest floating bar in Asia”. For a minimal fee, you can chill at the floating bar with one consumable beverage of your choice. What a unique experience, don’t you think?

10. Chillaxing by the Mountainside Infinity Pool of Balamban

Snuggled by the mountainside in Gaas, Balamban,  PineTree Mountain is a 6-hectare private property that exudes the beauty and warmth of Mediterranean villa infused with natural elements’ touch. Private access to this vacation villa is a privilege awarded to guests who have made prior reservations. The jaw-dropping infinity pool is the biggest one I’ve ever seen. Splendid detailing with built-in jacuzzi, this blue lagoon extends over the neighboring pinnacle and overlooks nothing but awesomeness!

One of my bucket list is to capture a night shot using a mobile phone. Haven’t done it yet for the lack of a device or smartphone that is capable of capturing so. Good thing, OPPO F1s was invented.

What I love about 1 OPPO F1s feature is 13MP rear camera. Touted as yet another ‘Selfie Expert’, the F1s comes with a 13MP rear camera with an industry-leading imaging chip, PDAF and a LED flash. A 1/3.06-inch sensor allows the F1s to maximize light sensitivity, making for wonderful nighttime performance. The large pixels also work to bump up the dynamic range and give pictures a vivid depth and detail for capturing exceptionally clear and detailed photos.

It excites me to a whole new level knowing that wonderful night shots is possible with this great shooter. I’m pretty sure it will help enhance my Philippine Adventures, may it be in the busy streets of a concrete jungle or just laying in the sand under the stars. With superb overall performance and this smartphone’s battery life and daily tasks, I strongly believe it can optimize my experience in travel photography.

For more features about OPPO F1s, you may check them here: http://www.oppo.com/en/smartphone-f1s.

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