TIEZA Botanical Garden: Scenic Garden by the Lake

Two years ago, my #AdventureGrammer friends and I roamed around barangay Sirao for three consecutive weeks just to search for the flower garden that is now popularly known as Sirao Flower Farm. It was really a hit when we posted it on social media and went viral for over a month. However, it was not spared from negative condition as human recklessness and lack of consideration wrought havoc to those fragile flora. It sparked outrage to the netizens and that’s when the topic on responsible tourism come to light. And oh, I was not yet a blogger then.

Fast forward today, my adventure buddy Matio (@iameleimath) and I explored yet another local destination which is not yet flocked by tourists. And it’s our honor to share with you this newest floral destination in Cebu ~ TIEZA Botanical Garden.

Let’s take a quick visual tour in Cebu City’s scenic Garden by the Lake.

TIEZA Botanical Garden

If you are looking for a quick getaway in a scenic destination that is near the city, yet away from its hurly-burly, then you are in the right blog post. Yup, there is an on-going development by the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), formerly the Philippine Tourism Authority, that would serve as the next top destination in Cebu. It is located in an elevated farm in Malubog, previously known as Kan-irag Golf Course, which is now notable for a mini-lake or what seems like a fishpond.

Malubog lake was once a natural waterscape that is surrounded by mini yellow wild flowers. The surroundings are filled with sprawling natural local vegetation, wild flora and farm animals.

Look how things have changed. Malubog lake is now adorned by colorful burlas (local name of celosia) which, by the way, currently blooms for the first time in the area.

There is a wooden cabin in the left-most corner facing Sirao Peak. And it’s perfect spot to channel your inner haciendero/haciendera look. Lol!


At a different vantage point, the view of the lake abounded by celosia garden is so scenic that you can position yourself anywhere, regardless of the angle.

One can do YOLO-ing by the celosia garden with the picturesque natural pool while marveling at the famous Sirao Peak in its backdrop.

The view and experience is just exquisite, perfect for a “me” time or a romantic bonding with your partner or with your family.

TIEZA Botanical Garden is set to open for public this March 2017.  There are cottages being built as of writing. The builders we interviewed said that there will be floating cottages and food stalls that would add great feature to the already awesome place. As for the entrance fee, list of facilities and other services, will not disclose it for now but will surely update this post once confirmed.


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How To Get There

For private vehicles, take a scenic ride along transcentral highway and when you reach Malubog, watch out for this sign “Busay Holiday Pool” conspicuously posted at the right side of the highway and then turn towards that descending direction. Be cautious of falling rocks in the steepest part of the road though. Parking space is available near the area.

If you are commuting, just hail a habal2x from JY Square Mall in Lahug, and tell the driver that you are heading to Malubog Lake or Kan-irag old golf course. Travel time is about 15-25 minutes.  Fare is not more than P100 per person, one way. Contact our awesome habal2x driver Roel at 0919-954-4254.

Manong Roel and his habal2x

There you go mates. I know you are excited to go to TIEZA Botanical Garden but PLEASE do exercise responsible tourism! Let’s practice “Leave No Trace” principle and preserve its natural allure and order. You don’t want to destroy a paradise, do you?

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’til next floral destination hunt! ???

23 thoughts on “TIEZA Botanical Garden: Scenic Garden by the Lake

  1. Hi, maagian ra ni on our way to Sirao Peak? We’re planning to climb Sirao Peak next day and hope to have a quick visit to this place. Any suggestion asa mas maayo unahon, kini dayon climb ? Naa ra ba agianan?

    I’ll appreciate your response!
    More power!

    1. Pwede ra una ang Sirao Peak then mu-descend mo padung sa old Kan-irag golf course. Maagian ra ni.. Makita man sad ni kung naa mo sa Sirao Peak.

          1. I must say, it’s worth doing again. 🙂 Like you, we hope this TIEZA Garden will be taken cared not only by the farmers but by the visitors as well.

    1. It depends on how low is the stance. If it’s like a sports car, then I don’t recommend bringing one. But generally it is safe.

  2. Hi good afternoon 🙂 pwede ra ba mag jeep pdng busay ?? Then habal2x na pdng dha ?? Naa man me plan mo anha this coming 19 nya ang ako lang concern is unsaon para maka lessen me sa plite Kay ang uban man gd habal2x sa jy mahal ang plite .. Please reply po huhu thank you po 🙂

    1. Talagsa ra man jeep muagi padung malubog.. Habal2x jud ang main transpo padung ngadto.. pero suwayi lang hangyo ang habal2 kung gikan ka sa plaza housing (04C) dapit manukad.

    1. Halo, before sa Sirao.. Naay signboard nga Busay Holiday Pool sa right if gkan kag JY.. so turn right ra ka ngadto sa sign.. Php 30 entrance

  3. Where exactly ni agion.
    didto mi actually ni agi sa busay holiday pool na road. pero gi warn mi sa habal habal driver na lisod kau dalan. dili ka agi ang sakyanan. so ni tuyok nalang mi…:(

    1. Aw diay? na-suspend ila operation kay naghuwat sa permit.. although kung gikan ka nghiking sa Sirao Peak kay malabyan ni ninyo panaog..

    1. Currently, the place is undergoing construction.. Will definitely give you a heads up once everything is operational again.

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