White House in the Woods: Boljoon’s Budget Accommodation

Planning to visit South Cebu and looking for an exclusive retreat that is neighborly and budget-friendly? Look no further! You’ll definitely find one in Boljoon.

Let’s skip those “mainstream” seaside resorts for a minute. Let’s focus on something unique that offers the best bang for your buck. Notwithstanding the fact of being a coastal town, Boljoon has a lot of great places situated in the mountainside wherein guests can rest and stay overnight. But I’m more curious about this White House in the Woods.

cto Junper (@iamjumper)

Remotely tucked in Boljoon’s verdant woodlands is a white house that seemed out of place but it’s more like a rare white mushroom that sprouted in the forest and stood different from the rest of the viridescent surroundings. The locals call it “Balay nga Puti” for obvious reason that it is mainly paint-furnished in white.

The White House is actually a residential home of a humble family in a quaint locality in barangay Lower Becerril. Though it is not really occupied by the family members themselves, it is intended for relatives and family guests who’d love to stay overnight in Boljoon. What’s good about it is that White House accepts travel squads and corporate employees who’d want to spend a night or two in Boljoon and experience nature at its best. Who wouldn’t want to stay in this nature-filled White House abounded by lots of coconut trees, carabao grasses, chickens and fresh air?

Wanna know what’s inside? Ignite your curiosity as I tour you around the White House in the Woods.


You’ll surely love the dining area and kitchen. It has one main dining table and another one for extra provision. The kitchen has complete utensils, appliances and cooking equipment perfect for all types of cooking style (grilled, baked, fried, etc). Be sure to bring your own food, ingredients and booze . A refrigerator is also available making sure your food and beverages are stored in good condition.

Channel your inner chef or eat like a pro ‘coz this spot rocks! A house boy will also be there to assist you in your cooking preparation.

Busy kayo si June (@theislandboyy) while plastar kaayo si Dan (@neverbeendan) basta tingkaonay na! Hehe .. Cto Junper (@iamjumper)

Don’t be afraid to ask anything from the owner herself should you have queries or favor. I can assure you she’s very accommodating, plus she’ll offer a lot of native foods and delicacies for free.

Em’s favorite spot (@emsmithcb)

One can study, watch movie or even sing via karaoke in this entertainment area. The WiFi connection in this area is good. Just ask the password from the owner.

And this is the view from the 2nd floor. Exquisite isn’t it?

The second level of the White House is much more spacious. Three bedrooms are found in this level. At the corner, one shower room and a separate comfort room are located in between two (2) bedrooms. The third bedroom is located next to the balcony. The Master Bedroom is located downstairs. (see bedroom photo in the next few paragraphs)

This is the exterior view of the White House from the vantage point of the balcony. Can you count the total number of coconut trees in the area?

The crew: @theislandboyy, @vivomigsgee, @emsmithcb, @neverbeendan, @iamjumper

You can have a sunrise breakfast by the balcony with your crew. AhHh, a certain morning like this makes a fine perfect day ahead.

And of course, the Master bedroom! Holy! It’s airconditioned and has its own CR/shower room and a refrigerator. The Master bedroom alone can accommodate up to eight people (extra beds will be provided). Or you may opt to stay in a separate room upstairs (same capacity but without the refrigerator and separate common CR and shower room). Towels and toiletries will also be provided should you fail to bring them with you.


Should you want to book White House in the Woods for your corporate team building, barkada getaway or romantic staycation, just contact the owner (details below) and reserve the place on a specific date. And here’s the most interesting part ~ the rate. There’s really no fixed rate for staying in the White House. Yup, IKAW NA ANG BAHALA! (It’s up to you!). It’s totally negotiable but what’s important is that you pay for the utilities (electric, water, etc) and the maintenance of the White House.

If I may ask, how much are you willing to pay for this exclusive staycation? Well, I leave the answer to the owner, Ma’am Patring. You may contact her in this number 09105928504 and name your price.


If you are commuting, lots of buses ply South-bound assuring a quaint and coastal journey to the heritage town of Boljoon. After a 3-hour trip, alight in the town junction. If you’re using a private vehicle, it would be faster by an hour. Be sure to contact ahead the owner so that she can arrange a vehicle for your group including pick-up/drop-off from town junction to the White House and vice versa.


There’s a lot of activities to do in this place. From heritage walking, hiking, waterfalls chasing, beach bumming to ziplining, Boljoon has got you covered. See more details here: 2D1N Budget BREAKation in Boljoon: Cebu’s Heritage Frontier

Before I end this article, just want to share with you this group photo with the very generous Patring before we headed home. And we got a bunch of banana each as pasalubong. =)

The crew with Ma’am Patring. Thanks sa pasalubong!


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  1. hi! i love reading your blog po. hm is the rate for you and your friends po? hm did you pay for your stay there? THANKS!

    1. That’s so nice of you. Since we were five in the group, and we utilized electricity for the aircon, karaoke, as well as gas and water, we offered 500 each per night.

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