Ai World Palawan: Puerto Princesa’s Multi-Park Paradise

Just when you thought you’ve experienced enough of Puerto Princesa, a promising multi-park paradise named Ai World Palawan has emerged.

Ai World (pronounced as “eye”) is a mountain resort nestled in a vast highland in Bacungan, Puerto Princesa. The total area of the property is 100 hectares, of which only 20% is the developed area. Ai World Palawan is a resort-and-park-in-one under the development of Neogreen and being operated by World Ai Corp. It opened publicly last March 4, 2107 and has continuously drawn influx of tourists everyday to experience what Ai World has to offer. Boasting lots of activities and offerings that serve up wildly unique and endless experiences, there’s so many ways you can create memories in Ai World. To say the least, Ai World Palawan is rising up its game in the hospitality industry.

This Summer, look forward to having the best day of your life at Palawan’s no. 1 multi-park destination ~ Ai World Palawan. Let’s take a tour!

Water Park

Ai World features 3 public pools and 1 aqua therapy pool (a.k.a. jikitan). They are dispersed individually in four different locations and serve distinctive purposes.

Unwind at Lac De Montagne (aka Mountain Lake Pool). It is a great place to relax and swim in its crystalline warm waters. I also love the live piano performance every afternoon, it adds drama to the already good ambiance of the place. And with its poster-perfect backdrop, I must say this spot is so instagrammable!

Kids will surely love the kiddie pool. They can slide their way into the shallow basin and enjoy the cool waters.

Splash your way into the Fountain Pool while utilizing your floaties and inflatables. This pool is bigger and deeper than the kiddie pool but smaller than the Mountain Lake Pool.

Pamper your aching muscles (and aching heart) and rejuvenate at Jikitan Pool. Jikitan is a therapeutic pool that utilizes a magnetic charcoal technology and anti-aging property thereby reducing oxidation and promoting wellness, a first of its kind. I tried it twice and I’ve never felt better than before. Try it yourself too!

Flower Park

Experience springtime all-year roud in Ai World’s floral plantation wherein various flowering trees and shrubs bloom spectacularly in every season.

Spend your day exploring the flower park and transform into a biophiliac for a day or two. Wherever you go, you’ll be greeted by vivid and lovely flowers in shades of red, yellow, white, pink, orange and violet.

Palawan Cherry is one of the main flowering trees cultivated in the resort. In fact, Ai World just recently held an art competition wherein participants had to demonstrate in a painting the relevance of flowers and its co-existence with the resort. And it’s not shocking to know that majority of the painting subject is the Palawan cherry flowers.

World-Class Restaurants

Unleash the gourmand in you and dine at Ai World Palawan’s various world-class restaurants. An exceptional gastronomic experience awaits you as full course dinner ~ appetizers, main course and dessert ~ will be served.

FOODGASM ALERT! Bonbonniere (cake shop) is located at the left-side blue-roofed building while the right-most edifice is composed of two restaurants: Level 1 – Rendezvous, Level 2 – Toi et Moi. And last but certainly not the least, indulge in various mouth-watering menus served in the Food Complex.

Experience dining with an international flair. Topnotch tastes of authentic French and Japanese cuisine will surely satisfy your cravings.

As much as I love their good food, dish presentations are likewise all legit! Dishes are exquisitely prepared by an internationally famous Japanese Chef which we personally met and interviewed.

Recreation & Adventure

The Park offers a wide array of recreational activities for team building and family bonding, as well as games, spa and fitness activities. Adventure tours are available as well.

Jumpstart your day with a positive mood by engaging into fun and effective workout. Every morning, you may join the Zumba session or jog in a concrete trail while relishing the sapphire-hued mist and mountain breeze. Ai World Palawan promotes healthy living and wellness by having these internal fitness programs  in place.

Fans of adrenaline pumping activities will love the extreme and outdoor adventure such as Bacungan river cruising, fishing and kayaking. You may also opt for the highland activities such as mountain biking, forest hiking and falls exploration.

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Ai Boutique Town

Ai Botique Town is composed of food complex, art gazeebo, entertainment center and souvenir shop.

Art, Music and Dance Festival is celebrated at Ai Park every weekend.  Be amused with Ai Boutique Town’s arts and crafts curated by Puerto Princesa’s talented elementary and college students. At night, we were greeted by hot performances of Puerto Princesa’s great artists and lively spectacles while having our dinner.

Foodies will love the wide array of food in the food complex. As you may have noticed, the setting looks like a food court. You may choose from Beef Pepper Steak,  Seafood Tepanyaki, Pinoy Classic Food, Ai Coolers, Ai Ice Cream & Crepes and of course, the classic barbecue stall. You will never ran out of food choices in this gastronomic haven.

Sapphire Hills Resort

Ten (10) cottages are perched on a cliff overlooking the panoramic mountainscape. Five (5) villas are good for two guests while the other half are perfect for families.

This pink-brick pathway leads to the cozy Sapphire villas. It seemed to me that there’s a signboard which invisibly reads: “THIS WAY TO PARADISE!”

At night, the sapphire villas light up elegantly in blue-hue LED. Ironically, even at the end of the day, Sapphire Hills Resort stays true to its name.

And look at the room interior!? The room has 42-inch flat screen LED television, aircon, wireless internet access, minibar and coffee-maker. What makes it unique is the Jikitan-filled bags positioned underneath the king-sized beds. As already noted earlier, it is a Japanese technology utilizing magnetized coals that releases electromagnetic vibrations that promotes wellness and longevity. And with that, I definitely had a comfortable and undisturbed sleep for  8 straight hours.

The bathroom is so spacious you can sing and dance while in the shower or even play some bubbles inside the whirlpool tub just around the corner of the steam room.

And ahhh, my favorite part of the villa ~ the balcony. It is overlooking the panoramic mountainscape which offers a dreamy morning. Magical thing happens during this time of the day as the dawn breeze is calling me: “WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD. CHASE ME IF YOU CAN”.  With that lovely view – mountains, fogs and skies – sunrise in Ai World Palawan is definitely a must-catch!

Shojin Resort & Casa Blanca del Amor Resort

And soon to open is Shojin Resort wherein vernacular Japanese-inspired houses are being developed, with notable Gasshō-zukuri architectural features such as slant-shape roof and utilization of natural lighting. The resort will have a solemn ambiance in general and planned provision for zen garden that is conducive for meditation. This photo was taken on our quick tour of the on-going construction of Shojin Resort just to have an appreciation of what the traditional Japanese dwelling looks like. Did I mention it is just adjacent to Ai World’s Sapphire Hills?

Another must-visit resort owned by World Ai Corp. is called Casa Blanca del Amor Resort. It will be a Santorini-inspired beach resort and will be overlooking the Nagtabon Beach over the West Philippine Sea. Can’t wait to visit ’em all in the future!

Entrance Fee – Saturday entrance rate is Php 150 per person (introductory rate that covers complimentary use of Panorama Lake, Kiddie & Fountain Pools). The rate for Sunday is FREE until May 7, 2017. (Will update the rate once there’s a new management operational guideline.)

Sapphire Hills Accommodation – Price starts at Php 4,880.00 inclusive of plated breakfast. Child aged below 3 years old is free of charge while up to 12 years old is pegged at Php 1,000 each.

How To Get There
AirAsia expands its routes and now flies direct from Cebu to Puerto Princesa daily.

Book at Keep up-to-date with AirAsia’s latest promotion and activities via Twitter (@AirAsiaPH), Facebook (, Instagram (@AirAsiaPh), and on Viber public chat (@AirAsiaPh).

Ai World is situated at Km 19 San Carlos Heights, brgy. Bacungan, north of the city of Puerto Princesa, about 30-minute drive from the city center. It can be accessed by public transport such as buses and shuttle vans bound for El Nido, San Vicente, Port Barton and the Underground River. Park goers may take a free ride from Robinsons Place Palawan to Ai World and vice versa that leaves every hour from 7:00AM until 10:00PM.

Contact Ai World Palawan
For reservations, contact Ai World Palawan via email or visit the following social media accounts of Ai World Resort:

Aren’t you excited to visit this multi-park paradise? Give yourself a break, go to Puerto Princesa, don’t miss all the excitement when visiting Ai World Palawan and let your best day ever begin!

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    1. I totally agree Dhini, exquisite views, fun activities and yummy food ~ surely you’ll be living the dream.

  1. how much is the entrance fee if it is weekdays and what are the inclusions of this? if ever we will spent overnight, what time can we check in and what are the rate of the room for family?

    1. Entrance fee is FREE until a certain promo period. For Sapphire Hills accommodation, price starts at Php 4,880.00 inclusive of plated breakfast. Child aged below 3 years old is free of charge while up to 12 years old is pegged at Php 1,000 each. For more details, you may reach Ai World Palawan via the contact details above.

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