13 Reasons Why Fly A Gyro is the Next Big Thing in Cebu

Truth be told, my ideal weekend getaway in Cebu would be to explore the wilderness, chase off-beat waterfalls, scale a mountain’s summit or occasionally loaf in the beach. But then again, being an island province that serves as a melting pot of all sorts of adventures, there are endless activities to enjoy in Cebu ~ and that includes flying.

Flying. You read it right! It isn’t new to me though. I’m one of those people you might have heard about who’ve made their first airplane ride, successfully crossed a zipline over the highlands or survived parasailing at the mercy of a single rope towed by boat. But fly a gyro? G-Y-R-O what? A gyro (short for autogyro or gyrocopter; pronounced as jay-ro) is a rotary wing aircraft similar to a helicopter in terms of rotor lift provision (versus wings used in airplanes). Unlike a helicopter, the rotor is not powered by the engine but rather through a phenomenon called autorotation (spin by aerodynamic forces).

Gyro flying is the newest aerial excursion in South Cebu and now making its way in further boosting Cebu’s tourism industry. Science, freedom, beauty, adventure: what more could you ask of life? Gyro flying combined all the elements I loved. There is science in how a gyro lift itself from skeptics of the ground and sustain afloat in the air. There’s freedom in the unlimited horizon, on the open fields and ocean. The fliers are openly surrounded by the beauty of earth, sky and natural wonders. Adventure lays in every puff of clouds. Kinda exciting right? So on a sunny Labor Day, I decided to deviate from my usual routine, tagged along my best buddy Em Smith (@emsmithcb), tried something extreme and ventured into the new gyro flying in Dalaguete ~ Fly A Gyro Cebu.

Are you up for the challenge? Let me convince you with these 13 reasons why Fly A Gyro is the Next Big Thing in Cebu.

  1. There’s joy in flying

Ever dreamed of flying like birds up in the sky or even wished of becoming a superhero with the special ability to fly? Let Fly A Gyro Cebu make your dream a reality. With its short course of introductory gyro flying, you’ll get to experience how it feels to fly. Primarily, it is not just the sights but the flight itself that provides glory to the flier (passenger).

As for my personal experience, I supposed the fascination of gyro flying can’t be expressed with words. I feel a strange exhilaration up in the sky which seems to come from something beyond the mere stimulus of flying. From take-off to landing, something wonderful happens in the pit of my stomach – a delightful sensation – and it was like nothing I had felt before. And in those moments, I undeniably experienced the joy of flight.

  1. It’s totally safe

Gyro flying is demanding and beautiful at the same time. Imagine being whisked into the sky and strapped in an open seat cockpit while suspended hundreds to thousands of meters above sea level. Sounds scary right? But NOT really!

Conquer your fears of heights with the aid of Fly A Gyro Cebu’s professional pilot, Yohann. With proven and tested quality service, Fly A Gyro Cebu is safe and secured. Before the flight, you’ll undergo a briefing wherein the following important details are discussed: relevant history and science of gyro flying, standard operating procedures (pre-flight, inflight and post gyro flying), security measures and safety mechanisms. Questions will be entertained as well. During flight, you can have a conversation with the pilot thru a headset and a microphone.

All in all, the pro skills of the pilot in managing the risks has already been established, that we all willingly trade to relinquish the security of our feet on the ground for the immeasurable beauty of the sky.

  1. It is a life-changing ride

A small flying machine like a gyrocopter is ideal for short flights. And with Fly A Gyro Cebu, such flight is translated into 15 minutes of life-changing moments.

If you are afraid of heights, then gyro flying will assure you that it’s not really scary up there, that it’s a lot scarier to stand on top of a building than to fly a gyro (for a reason that I won’t disclose here ‘coz it’s for you to find out why). You’ll also defy gravity and I think it will positively enhance your take on some aspects of life. I also confirm that gyro flying will develop your character ~ to mold you to be orderly and well-balanced, to discipline you and enable you to control yourself more and more under all conditions. And that 15 minutes of gyro flying could be the best moment in your life.

  1. First time marks a lasting memory

It was my first time to fly a gyro, yet I already tried many aerial excursions up there like a pro. The pilot and I switched roles and the flight was under my control like a real pilot, had a literal roller coaster ride as we explored the strange currents of the ever-changing sky in its many moods and as we soared up high, I have had the consciousness of a new discovery and unlocking personal milestone. Without a shadow of doubt, the day of my first gyro flying experience will remain vividly etched into my mind and I’ll never be able to forget it.

  1. You see things in different perspective

Gyro flying has offered me an increasingly wider outlook. As the wind touched my skin from the open cockpit, I was briefly taken to my juvenile years, when all I did all weekend was to fly a kite and just watched in awe as the kite danced in the air. Now, it’s the other way around. While up in the sky, I thought my life was at the mercy of a machine and external aerial forces. I looked down and realized I was free of the ground, seeing familiar tourist spots from a different perspective. My outlook over life on earth and beyond has changed positively, in so far flying is concerned.

  1. It gives a sense of discovery

Nowadays, it’s beauty, adventure, innovation — the epitome of breaking into new worlds. With the breakthrough of gyro flying in Cebu, you can break the rules of art and science as boundaries are blurred, gravity is defied, freedom is tangible ~ all converging on the reality of sustained flight on an invisible highway of air. Unlike the boundaries of the sea by the shorelines, the “ocean of air” laps at the border of every town of South Cebu. My senses of space, of distance, and of direction entirely vanished. I was like a king in the castle guaranteed with a panoramic mountainfront or beachfront view. That’s really what it’s like.

  1. Heaven is for real

Gyro flying is like joy riding the heavens, or sight seeing among the horizons and touching the clouds. If you are lucky to encounter puff of clouds, then you’ll have a chance to touch them with your bare hands. For a minute up there, you’ll think less of your problems and more of sublimity and everlasting peace that dwell serene in the heavens. It is a feeling of belonging to the sky, of owning and being owned – if only for a moment – by the air I breathe. With these in mind, it becomes an intimate spiritual experience.

  1. Applicable to all walks of life

Gyro flying is non-discriminatory. Meaning, it can accommodate those persons who are willing to have a great gyro flying experience regardless of age, sex, religion, race, status and position. It also applies to all individuals, may it be high-spirited one or adventure-minded and even for the faint-hearted too!

Fly A Gyro is the next big thing because of its very association with the element of risk it dreaded, because it is freer of the earth to which it is bound, because it’s an awesome jaunt open to all where same adrenaline rush kicks in.

  1. Become a Pilot for a minute or two

Riding through the air on rotary wings as a passenger, the intellectual force over such rudimentary machine is the pilot himself. But good news! You can be in charge of your trip too. For a short period of time, you become a pilot under the close supervision and guidance of the original pilot himself. If you are interested to take over the flight, just inform the pilot and you will be given a chance to steer your own course over the uncharted airscape.

As the new master of the game, you’ll be able to control your own destiny with these three flight controls: a control stick, rudder pedals and a throttle. What I love about the idea of letting the passengers control the flight is that you’ll be able to learn the basic controls of flying – going down, moving up, turning left or right and going steady – and it is not something you’ll learn in your normal day to day activities. Who knows, it might ignite your passion in flying, or aviation for that matter.

  1. It’s full of adventure!

Maybe it’s sex appeal, but there’s something about a gyrocopter that drives passengers crazy. Fly A Gyro Cebu offers a fun and exciting experience for those who love (or hate) heights and want a birds-eye-view of nature’s beauty from summit to sea. It is a huge thrill ‘coz when you’re up there, you are vulnerable from the external forces such as wind, and you really feel like this is life. Every liftoff is a philosophical wonder that will surely left a broad smile on every passenger’s face. As for someone who loves adventure like me, I left my heart up there.

  1. Appreciate the beauty

As Socrates puts it, Man must rise above the Earth — to the top of the atmosphere and beyond — for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives. For some, gyro flying feels too heavenly to be attained by man yet in most times, the world from above seems too good to be true, too wonderful for human eyes to see.

You get to choose short tours looping places like Argao and Dalaguete or Alcoy and Boljoon. In some cases and for additional fee, it is also possible to fly around Simala Shrine and with very good weather around Osmeña Peak. And while up there, you’ll equally appreciate the beauty down below ~ panoramic mountain ranges of Southern Cebu, lots of turtles swimming freely in the sea, flock of birds surface diving to catch food over a school of fish, people enthusiastically waving at us while smiling.

  1. It makes you richer

Gyrocopter flying may cost you Php 2,000 for a 15-minute ride but it can teach you more things and give you more benefits than any other activity ever could. It won’t get you a better job, a higher pay, or a bigger house. But if you treat it with respect and be open-minded about it – that life is in the moment, happiness matters more than money, the world is a beautiful place, and that dreams really, truly are possible.

It is also an investment. You can gain invaluable experience and insights, and since gyrocopters speak in a language beyond words, then fly a gyro up in the sky of South Cebu and let your experience speak for itself.

  1. It’s totally one for the books

Come on, gyro flying is the next big thing in Cebu because it’s new and definitely a must-try activity in Southern Cebu. Cross this out your bucketlist and be proud that at least you have done something extreme like riding a gyrocopter once in your life. In the end, whichever loop you choose, I’m certain we all want to try gyro flying, first and foremost, for the very same reason — for the heck of it.

Fly a gyro now!

Important Tips

  1. Wear comfy clothing and leave anything that will easily loosen up during flight. It is mandatory to bring shades and sun protection.
  2. Selfie stick longer than 40 cm not allowed, so better bring waterproof bag/pouch for your mobile phones just to be safe.
  3. It pays to know the weather forecast. If it rains, you may have to postpone the activity as your safety is the no.1 priority.
  4. Best time to fly is between 7AM to 9AM and 3PM to 5PM where the sun is not harsh and the wind is moderate.
  5. Let go of your fears and just have fun.

Reservation & Rate

Trial Introductory Gyro Flying (short course flight of 15 mins) is pegged at Php 2,000.00. Prior appointment is a must, no walk-ins are allowed.

How To Get There

Fly A Gyro Cebu is currently stationed at Casay, Dalaguete where an abandoned airstrip is utilized as the autogyro’s runway. Hop into one of Ceres buses bound for Bato-Oslob (aircon, regular fare is Php 106.00, student Php 86.00). We alighted at My Place (known for SOS Place building) that serves as a bus stop at barangay Balisong, Argao. FYI Balisong, Argao and Casay, Dalaguete are next to each other so don’t be confused here. A car will pick you up from My Place and drop you off at Fly A Gyro Cebu hangar, (on the opposite side of the road going to Dalaguete Beach Club). You may want to agree on different pick-up points for your convenience.

Contact Details
Book a reservation in any of these contact details below.

  • Facebook   : Fly A Gyro Cebu
  • Instagram : @flyagyrocebu
  • Contact #  : 0977-195-2124
  • Email         : flyagyrocebu@gmail.com

Video Clip
Watch @vivomigsgee and @emsmithcb‘s Fly A Gyro Cebu experience here:

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