2D1N South Cebu Road Trip: One Epic Weekend Getaway

Seems a cliche but there’s no denying that it’s really more fun in Cebu. There is always something for everyone – adrenaline junkie, foodie, religious devotee, laid-back tourist or just someone looking for a needed escape from the grind. Dotted with marvelous treasures and engaging activities, Cebu is such a big melting pot of natural wonders, man-made attractions, food, culture and of course, awesome people, awaiting to be experienced. With so many things to love about Cebu, it’s a good thing that you can experience them all at once by going on a ROAD TRIP.

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I’m deeply humbled to be part of the first batch, with five other bloggers, to embark on a long distance journey on the road to ten (10) South Cebu destinations in one (1) awesome weekend getaway. Let me share with you our itinerary:


Around 4:00 AM, we met at 7/11 store in front of  South Bus Terminal. The private van was already there when I arrived in the place. I was greeted by the owner himself, Mark, who also joined us in the road trip. It was raining that time but it didn’t stop them to do video blogging and exchanging travel stories. And so, we began the road trip with lack of sleep, yet full of enthusiasm.

1st Stop: Rotunda and Public Market, Carcarwit

Around 6AM, we arrived at our first destination ~  the Heritage City of Cebu ~ Carcar.  You can travel back in time with structures of historical and cultural significance. Due to limited time, we only visited the rotunda wherein the intricately designed kiosk, in its stance as the center of attraction, charmingly greets all travelers. Everyone who travels to South Cebu, whether west (Moalboal) or east (Oslob), gets a glimpse of this quaint symbolic landmark that stood the test of time and everlasting beauty.

Don’t leave Carcar without getting a taste of the pride of the City ~ the divine lechon (roast pig). You can find the tastiest lechon (if not the best) in the whole of Cebu inside the public market in front of rotunda. There are a lot of stalls that are selling lechon and each one is giving a free taste, with the sound of the crunchy skin, smell of the lechon sauce’s aroma and the authentic taste of hot lechon meat~ very inviting. Interestingly, we ended up ordering in the last kiosk where we bought 2 kilos of lechon and 15 puso (hanging rice). Oh, I  just can’t wait for lunch.

2nd Stop: Milk Station, Barili

Molave Milk Station is a favorite road stop destination in the Southwestern part of Cebu. It is a picnic park, pasalubong center and snack bar in one cool place. I previously tried their home-made ice cream and I was excited to try it once again. To our surprise, the pasalubong center where the fresh milk ice cream is for sale was closed for renovation that time. Good thing, Gelato House was on soft opening.

The new Gelato House is an extention of the Pasalubong Center. I could see lots of improvement in terms of wider dining area, open space set-up and food selection. The Gelato House is a two-storey wooden structure wherein you get to relax, eat and be one with nature. We decided to have breakfast at Gelato House and tried their delish rice bowls at an affordable price, Php 59.00. And don’t leave Barili without trying their Fresh Fruit Gelato (Php 120) and affordable baked goodies.

3rd Stop: Mantayupan Falls, Barili

It was already 8 o’clock in the morning when we arrived to our next destination. Mantayupan Falls is the very first waterfall I’ve been to way back in 2013. Nothing much have changed, except for the on-going construction of the new footbridge. It still exudes marvelous beauty for being one of the famous cascades in Cebu province. The second level is composed of three cascades, the tallest of which is measuring 14 meters high. The first level, on the other hand, is boasting almost a hundred meters that is claimed to be highest waterfalls in the whole of Cebu.

4th Stop: Palalong Cliff, Barili

One of the advantages of a road trip is that you can travel without a concrete plan. There were several scenic lookouts along the way for stops, including an exquisite cliffside view of Tañon straight along Barangay Guinbuangan highway, overlooking a coastal town settled on a natural cove. From the unofficial view deck, the stunningly clear azure water is just a spectacular sight to behold.

Whenever I visit the South western part of Cebu, I only get a glimpse of this scenic cliffside view from the window of the bus. Now, with the tours of Travels by Omnia Bellus, we decided to take an unplanned stop at this spot which we later knew as Palalong Cliff. Isn’t the view inviting?

5th Stop: Lambug Beach, Badian

Palawan? No It’s  Lambug Beach in Cebu. Aside from Sugar Beach in Bantayan and White Beach in Moalboal, this heavenly beach in Badian equally boasts long stretch of fine white sand and azure waters. Make a new discovery on one of the best secret beaches in Cebu, and unwind religiously.

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Who wouldn’t love to loaf in a less touristy paradise, where you can have a little piece of heaven all to yourself, treading the turquoise waters while atop a floating device and brushing your sole onto the fine white sands. Ahhh, indeed life is beautiful. Claim it!

6th Stop: Cambais Falls, Alegria

And to our last stop for the day ~ Cambais Falls. For me, this is the main highlight of our first day, albeit the farthest from the main highway. Well, there’s no shortcut to any place worth going right? With this magical view, you don’t wanna miss in visiting this unspoiled paradise.

Cambais Falls is just one of the spectacular waterfalls in Alegria. Among the three -tiered unique waterfalls, my fave is the third level. The catch basin is deep enough to cater mini-canyoneering. The cerulean color of the water looks inviting. The bedrock has its own natural jacuzzi, and every snap of this gem is instagram worthy.

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As all plans go, unexpected circumstances will inevitably come up. We originally included Ginatilan and Samboan in the itinerary but we were short of time due to our last stop’s major trail hike and long photoshoot session. So we ended our first day of road trip with a splash and with that, we headed to Sibonga to have an overnight stay at our host’s warm and cozy house. Special shout-out to Mr. and Mr. Bryan and Darryl Manubag.

Travel bloggers with our hospitable hosts. (cto Christian Literatus)



We woke up late the following morning because everybody is seemingly coping up with our tired bodies from yesterday’s jaunt. We had a quick, albeit heavy, breakfast in the same house where we stayed and prepared for our next adventure.

7th Stop: Cebu Natural Stone, Sibonga

Day two of Travels by Omnia Bellus‘ South Cebu Roadtrip started with an unusual itinerary. As our 7th stop, we visited a production site in Sibonga to see and learn about bas-reliefing of limestone, wood, brass and marble. Actually, the site is just a few kilometers walk from the house where we had just a breakfast. In short, the production site is just situated in the backyard of our host couple.

See how passion can turn into endless opportunities as usual things from your own backyard are transformed ~ from waste (modeled by CJ) to something of value (modeled by Glyster). And I think it’s beautiful.

8th Stop: Carenderia Ni Eton, Argao

We had our lunch at Carenderia ni Eton in Argao. Personally, this is by far the best barbecue food house in the whole of Argao, Cebu. I also love the pochero, sisig and caldereta. Spacious parking space, free wi-fi, fast service, and most importantly, a good bang for your buck. It is definitely a good road trip stop for lunch or dinner wherein you can eat local dishes that is “sulit”.

9th Stop: Osmeña Peak, Dalaguete

And of course, the road trip would not be complete without hiking the highest point in Cebu. Standing approximately 1,000 meters above sea level, Cebu’s roof, Osmeña Peak will leave you breathless. Its jagged multiple hills and the chilly weather of Mantalongon Range (like Baguio) allows for growing of veggies earning its moniker “Vegetable Basket of Cebu”. The hike itself is just a “Walk in the Park”, so it’s not really that taxing to begin with. For about 15 minutes, you can already reach the summit from the jump-off point of Osmeña Peak.

10th Stop: Casino Peak, Dalaguete

From Baguio let’s head to Bohol real quick without actually leaving Cebu. Casino Peak overlooks nothing but sweetness, in the form of matcha-flavored Chocolate Hills. This peak has just recently started to attract tourists to experience awe-inspiring view, like no other peaks in Cebu. As they always say, “Save the best for last!”

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And that ends our epic road trip in the South. I will forever cherish this once-in-a-lifetime collaboration engagement with Cebuano Travel bloggers in this daunting road trip down South, made possible by Travels by Omnia Bellus. If I have to summarize this whole trip, I’d say “There’s beauty in every journey.”

*BONUS* Rejuvenation Time

And our road trip for that day seemed never-ending. We pampered ourselves at The Spa by Omnia Bellus in Mandaue branch. Their Ventosa (Fire Cupping Therapy) with Whole Body Pinoy Hilot Massage is a relaxing way to cap off the 2D1N South Cebu Roadtrip. Thank you once again for this awesome tour  Mark Lloyd Jamelo of Travels by Omnia Bellus! Superb service, highly recommended! ??

Photo credits to Christian Literatus

I guess it’s already time to sleep. ’til next road trip guys! Hopin’ that by that time, you get to travel with me, but with your own destination of choice! Just drop me a line!

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