5 Sandbars in Cebu You Probably Didn’t Know Exist

Summer in “BER” months ‘coz why not?

When you’re a self-confessed sun-worshipper, you’re not really worried about the weather ‘coz you just love to loaf in the beach, tread your soles in the sand, and have a good time, rain or shine. Living in a country wherein summer vibe is present all year-round, the pacific islander in me just keeps looking for more summer frolic. I just got back from my recent trip in Balabac Island and I can’t seem to get over with the exhilarating 12-hour non-stop sandbar hopping adventure. Sepanx attack! Read more here:  Balabac Island: Sandbar Hopping Paradise in Palawan

As one of the premier tropical destinations for most travelers worldwide, Cebu has got something to fuel great adventures. And speaking of sandbars, did you know you can actually have a tropical taste of creamy powdery sandbars in Cebu? Not just one, two or three, but at least five (5) sandbars! Yep, you read that right, so let me round ’em up for you.

1. Sumilon Island Sandbar, Oslob

AhHh, the famous Sumilon Island sandbar! This is one of the spots worth visiting in the municipality of Oslob, aside from Whaleshark watching and Tumalog Falls. This sandbar attracts both locals and tourists alike not just during summer but all throughout the year. Approaching Sumilon sandbar, you’ll be rewarded with such beauty – a visible strip of white land mass – glimmering at the tail end of an island. It is actually a long strand of sweet sugary sandbar confined in an azure waterscape.

From South Bus Terminal, hop a yellow bus bound for Bato (via Oslob) costing PhP 155. Tell the conductor to drop you off at either barangay Tan-awan port or Brumini Resort and hire a boat going to Sumilon Island.  Rate is Php 1,500 for the whole boat, so better check if there are other guests who’d like to join you to divide the cost among the group. Expect to pay Php 50.00 for environmental fee.

2. Mahayahay Beach Sandbar, Argao

I came across this sandbar formation up above the open cockpit of a gyrocopter. Up in the air, I was simply amazed by the raw beauty that is exquisitely sparkling below me. It kept me wondering how come I didn’t know that such exotic place exists. I asked the pilot Yohann about the place and he excitedly reply, “It’s Mahayahay Beach!”. To see the actual footage, proceed here: Fly A Gyro Cebu

Mahayahay beach is a public beach and great for groups who prefer budget place to enjoy and party, especially among families, friends and workmates. Several cottages, small convenient stores are available to cater your day’s food and drinks. Skimboarding is the most popular activity awaiting beach and sandbar lovers during mid-year. From October to May, the water is very calm, perfect for kayaking, camping and barbecueing by the beach.

To get there, hop into one of Ceres buses bound for Bato-Oslob (aircon, regular fare is Php 106.00, student Php 86.00). Alight at barangay Looc, before reaching My Place (known for SOS Place building) that serves as a bus stop at barangay Balisong, Argao. Hire a trike going to Mahayahay Beach.

3. Kota Beach Sandbar, Bantayan

Photo credits to JC Echo (@jcecho), including the cover photo

Imagine yourself on the white fine shifting sandbar, sipping your ice cold drink while enjoying the sea breeze before dipping into the clear turquoise water. Now, stop imagining, pack your bags and just head to Kota Beach, Bantayan Island. An idyllic tropical paradise is where you want to be stuck in right now.

Photo courtesy by Cocoy (@cocoyponce)

From Cebu City, catch a bus or van in Cebu North Terminal going to Hagnaya Port in the town of San Remegio (PhP 160) or Ceres bus direct to Bantayan town proper via Sta. Fe. (PhP 200). Travel time is 3 – 4 hours. From Hagnaya’s Port you’ll hop a 45-min. ferry boat (PhP 170 fare + PhP 10 terminal fee) to Santa Fe, Bantayan Island. Tricycle (PhP 25/person fare) can take you to Kota Beach and start your dream island and sandbar getaway.

4. Gibitngil Island Sandbar, Medellin

Gibitngil Island is known for Funtastic Island that offers a great adventure time – zip, dive, swim and paddle! Nestled on the eastern part of Gibitngil Island, this beauty boasts long stretch of gorgeous sandbar on the other side of the action-packed destination. You can feast your eyes on various shades of fluorescent, arctic and ultramarine blue waters that seem to go on endlessly. And the stunning fine sandbar formation vibrantly extended at the tip of such rocky island, guaranteeing a fun playground for beach enthusiasts.

Photo credits to my idol and collaboration partner, Jack (@jak73

From North Bus Terminal, hop a bus bound for Kawit Medillin, and alight at Alpine pantalan in Kawit. Bus fare is PhP 150 for aircon bus, non-A/C is PhP 143 (3.5 hrs to 4hrs est. travel time). For faster approach, take a v-hire for PhP 150 (2hrs &30mins.) For affordable boat service, you may contact Jhondel Monato via mobile 0933-302-6638.

5. Caohagan Island Sandbar, Lapu-lapu

You don’t need to go far just to experience a frolicking sandbar adventure. There’s one in Caohagan Island, just across Mactan. Have a quick fix away from the hustle of the city with a tropical escape offering shallow super clear waters and white sand formation extending out of the islet.

Uploaded on December 6, 2011© All Rights Reserved by nishiba0000 (http://www.panoramio.com/photo/63144239)

Caohagan is an island community that is blessed with seafoods and warm locals. And it’s a great place to stop by during an island hopping over the Mactan Channel. You can hire a boat from any tourism providers, especially those located on Maribago, Mactan Island. Or, rent a pumpboat that can give you a tour not only to this island but also to other neighboring paradise.

Just like a waterfall, each sandbar formation is different throughout the day over a period of time. Certain elements like the season, the current, the tide, and of course the weather cause the sand to shift from one formation to another, offering unique beauty one tide at a time. Nevertheless, the water spectacle around the sandbar is worth marveling at, offering a great atmosphere for a relaxing sandbar getaway.

As long as the sun is still up, and the tide is low, the natural beauty of Cebu’s exquisite sandbars will exude a glimmer of inspiration, worthy of appreciation. =)

Do you know of any sandbar that is not listed above? Share your answers below and I might feature ’em soon. Get in touch with me by liking/following my Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/vivomigsgeeblog/ and Instagram @vivomigsgee.

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