10 Must-Try Activities At Danao Adventure Park

Bohol is internationally recognized for its pristine white-sand beaches, unique geological formations, and countryside visit to churches and cute tarsiers. Blessed with fascinating history, rich natural resources and warm people, intrepid travelers are faced with wealth of options, (highlighting for now) off the beaten tracks. Yes, I’m referring to non-mainstream outdoor activities and definitely not for the faint-hearted! If you’re more of a thrill seeker and adventure enthusiast, then let’s take an extra mile, travel off the gird and head to Bohol’s ultimate adventure destination – Danao Adventure Park.

Rightfully so, Danao Adventure Park’s top-notch offerings paid off as it bagged the Best Adventure Tourism Award in the first ever Philippine Tourism Industry Awards held last November 7, 2017. Proudly operating in Magtangtang, Danao, Bohol, it is an LGU-initiated-and-run facility boasting a fusion of ecological, educational and extreme adventure. A multi-activity tour to Danao Adventure Park is definitely a great way to experience different kinds of adventure travel. What better place to feed your adrenaline rush than one that’s both diverse in nature and in action-packed landscape?

Without further ado, here are ten (10) must-try activities at Danao Adventure Park that will surely satiate your craving for a thrill.

1. Glass Cliffwalk

Let me feature an interesting one to start with.

Bohol’s first glass-bottomed suspension cliffwalk is giving daredevils a heart-stopping day out. The retractable platform is perched 10 meters away from the edge of Danao’s rugged cliffs, rewarding every brave soul with jaw dropping sights of Wahig River sprawling out below. Securely equipped with France-imported safety accessories (e.g., Petzl helmet, overhead harness, safety lines, carabiner), you can safely roam around the clear glass walkway with a natural high like floating on cloud nine.

The newest thrill-inducing activity is made of a steel frame with more than 8 glass panels. Each of these panels is 1-inch-thick slab of tempered glass. It measures 72 feet in total length and 4 feet in breadth, and is suspended more or less 220 meters above the ground (or river for that matter).

Sweaty palms, trembling knees and flipped stomach – face your fear of heights and steel yourself a walk to remember!

2. Sky Ride

Photo courtesy of Reil Cenabre

Danao Adventure Park’s version of a cable car is called Sky Ride. It is the perfect way to blend excitement and the opportunity for spectacular views all at once.

Danao, Bohol is lucky to be nestled in the mountainous portion of the province, and the surrounding landscape is arguably the one of the best in the country. What better way to take in the Chocolate hills of Bohol, the towering cliffs and beautiful Wahig River, than by drifting through the skies aboard the sky ride?

3. Root Climbing & Rappelling

Action-packed shots credit to Reil Cenabre

So if you’re confronted with an opportunity to hit the slopes, it’d really just be rude to say “NO”.

Time to hit the natural setting of Danao’s geological gem, and get the heart pounding by climbing over the oversized roots of a Balete Tree.  Scale up at your own pace by holding on one root at a time. One cool way to descend is through rappelling using a doubled rope coiled around your body.

4. Suislide

Suislide shot by Reil Cenabre

If you’ve tried doing zipline overlooking falls, rice terraces, beach, forest – you name it – then chances are, you’ll change the way you look at a zipline at Danao Adventure Park.

Fly warp-speed like Superman back and forth over forest-hedged canyons. Staged more or less 280 meters above the ground, be thrilled as you zoom your way cross mountain and enjoy the breathtaking views of the rugged terrain, gushing river and deep cleft between escarpments.

This is a must do!

5. Plunge

A surefire way to get a kick of adrenaline is to let gravity bring you inches from the jungle-fringed Wahig River. The Plunge in Danao Adventure Park is the highest canyon swing in the world at 280 meters in depth and the only one in Southeast Asia.

While being tied to a safety harness, that nerve-racking feeling will kick in the moment you are released from the air to the ground as you succumb over the vastness for a minute or two. Hold your breath as you jump off 70 meters vertical free fall over the steep rocky gorge at 200 meters swing. The Plunge is sure to get the heart racing!

6. Caving

Caving expedition shot thru the lens of Reil Cenabre

Moderate caving at Camira Cave or extreme spelunking in Baliho Cave, choose your own adventure.

Prepare to get wet and muddy as you experience one of a thrill-filled caving expedition in Danao Adventure Park. Tight-crawl and enjoy the subterranean journey of one or two caves for roughly 2 to 3 hours inside the underground geological formation. Provided in the caving tour are safety accessories from Petzl, an international brand known for solid caving gears and headlamps.

7. Waterfalls chasing & River trekking

Photos courtesy of Reil Cenabre

If chasing waterfalls is your thing, then consider yourself lucky as three waterfalls are scattered around the area – Laguna Falls, Hangtud Twin Falls and Laman Falls.

Explore the road less-traveled and reward yourself with majestic sights of uniquely-structured flowing cascades and cool off in its respective basins.

8. Kayaking and cliff diving

If you have an inclination for invigoration, then this activity is for you. Paddle, dive and swim ‘coz it’s adventure time!

Start with a kayak over the Wahig River stretching about 1.5 kilometers and opt to do cliff diving somewhere in the rocky portion of the route. While at the top of the cliff, you’ll be lured to jump 20 feet below right into the cool water, making it a must-try activity in your lifetime. Let’s watch the awesome video by Sir Reil Cenabre.

9. Bouldering

Danao’s Wahig River system offers a unique scenery and activity where you can get that burst of adrenaline. Adventure seekers can hop from boulder to boulder or couple it with kayaking while braving every gush of the river and giving your journey a thrilling ride.

The river system is riddled with challenging passages, many of which are extraordinary and spectacular. At Danao Adventure Park, you can never go wrong with bouldering.

10. Sea of Clouds

Photos courtesy of Reil Cenabre

And last but definitely not the least, the famed Sea of Clouds of Bohol as viewed in Laguna Hills, Danao. Marvel at the sea of clouds over the vast emptiness, errr, the lush mountainscape of Danao as the sun reminds us that it’s gonna be a great day ahead. Let the natural beauty of this phenomenal, yet elusive, spectacle speak for itself! It’s gonna be worth it!

Book your Adventure!

All of the above activities are available when you book an adventure tour from Travels by Omnia Bellus.

For more info on rates, tour packages, accommodation and food, visit Danao Adventure Park’s website at www.eatdanao.com or email at eatdanaopark@gmail.com

As their tagline goes “You’re not paying for the ride, rather, you’re paying for the experience.

How To Get To Danao Adventure Park

Danao Adventure Park is situated at the heart of Danao, a 4th income class municipality in the province of Bohol, 72 km northeast of Tagbilaran City. It is less than an hour from Tubigon, Bohol. You can reach Bohol for one to two hours via air or sea travel from neighboring Visayan islands. Pick-up and drop-off is included in the arrangement. Contact Danao Adventure Park via landline 038-412-2338 local 6111 / 038-510-0050

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  1. There are two Danao I know, one in Cebu and one in Bohol and both places has activities. Good thing in your article it shows where it really is and the fun things to do. I didn’t know you can actually see a sea of clouds in Bohol. That’s amazing! That will be another thing to be added in my bucket list other than Panglao and the Chocolate hills.

    1. Yes, you’re actually right. Cebu also has Danao City and the cool activities are located in Danasan Eco Adventure Park.

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