Survivor Cebu Photobloggers: Outdrift, Outsnap, Outblog

After 9 years, Best Cebu Blog Awards (BCBA), the only Award Giving Body for Cebu-based Bloggers is once again breaking the mold! On its 10th year, BCBA continues to acknowledge the importance of bloggers in the dynamic jungle of blogosphere and social media by recognizing the finest blogs by Cebuanos and Cebu-based bloggers.

In a demanding world of blogging, is there a room for survival? Perhaps, a second chance? I believe so! For the second time in a row, vivomigsgee blog is once again included as one of the finalists for Best Cebu Blog Awards under Photoblog category. Last year, I published a “medieval fantasy” article (inspired by Game of Thrones series) for being the only newbie vying for the top photoblogger crown. I didn’t come out on top but I was proud of such milestone because despite being a greenhorn in the blogging safari, it has opened a lot of opportunities for me. Revisit such GOT-inspired article here.

This time around, I’m curating this pre-event article with my favorite tv series: Survivor! Booyahhh!

Marooned in the island-province called Cebu, bloggers from different Blog Niches are battling it out to win the coveted title under each unique genre – Technology, Personal, Travel, Food, Style, Photo, Entertainment and the newly added, Video Blog. The final tribal council (10th BCBA Night) will be held on December 3, 2017 at Cebu Parklane International Hotel and the winners of BCBA 2017 will be revealed. Moreover, BCBA will also award the Best Creative Writing In A Blog and Megaworld’s Top Cebu Blogger of 2017 to the best online writers. It is anybody’s game to win the title.

365 days, twenty-six nominees, one survivor per niche! Who do you think will emerge as the “Sole Survivor” Cebu Photoblogger? Game on, baby!

The Final 3 Castaways (Finalists)

After a technical Tribal Council of BCBA Committees, only three contenders made it to the end. And here are the top 3 finalists vying for this year’s “Ultimate Photoblogger” title, to wit:

1. Ariel Samangka (tribe

Ariel is passionate about his craft – writing travel experiences and taking awesome photos. I’ve known Ariel as a student of an international school and I must say I really admired his epic transformation from being a dreamer to a risk-taker as he battled all the odds and rigorous demands of life with perseverance and love. Known as an adventure-seeker, a master-storyteller and a humble entrepreneur, he’s definitely got some impressive Survivor resume!

2. Glister del Socorro (tribe

Rather than fearfully shutting down your sensitivity, dive in deeper into all possible feeling. As you expand, keep only those who are not afraid of oceans. – Victoria Erickson 🌻 Turtle-ing around. 🐢🐢🐢 . . . . 👉 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 I'm Chasing Potatoes in Apo Island . . #TheWanderlustKeeper 👣 #ChasingPotatoesConcepts #ChasingPotatoesOnTheGo 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #wtnadventures #sinopinas #siApoIsland #ig_pilipinas #mindsofhipster #grammerph #the_ph #nothingisordinary #nothingisordinary_ #itsmorefuninthephilippines #TravelStoriesPh #choosephilippines #visitpilipinas #pilipinasdestination #traversephilippines #discoverMNL #driftwoodjourneys #jj_emotional #darlingescapes #wearetravelgirls #ladiesgoneglobal #femmetravel

A post shared by Gly Gly (@chasing_potatoes) on

AhHh! The last woman standing! Gly has proven herself to be a tough contender this year as she morphed from being a bona fide couch potato to a certified potato chaser. Yes, you heard that right, her journey is all about chasing time and saying yes to wonderful opportunities because, just like round potatoes, they roll and get lost. She chases them to store memories to last a lifetime through awesome snaps and impressive stories.  A free-spirited individual, independent and a respected shutterbug, I must say Gly-gly is definitely a tough one to beat!

3. Miguel Abas, Jr. (tribe

I came into this friendly game of Photoblogging equipped with my camera and passion for photography. For me, it doesn’t really matter what camera I use since I love experimenting and curating something unique. I’m definitely not a pro but with the right attitude for learning and openness to opportunities for improvement, I claim that pressing that shutter has definitely taken me places!

The Jury (Judges)

The top three castaways will face the wrath of the jury, who’ll decide to whom they will hand in the title of Best Photoblogger in this year’s Best Cebu Blog Awards. Judging the faith of the above-mentioned contenders are the following renowned bloggers from all over the Philippines, to wit:

  1. Mervin Marasigan (PinoyAdventurista from Manila)
  2. Rod Magaru (Rodmagaru from Manila)
  3. Ria Jose (DyosaLife from Davao)
  4. Nancy Cudis (Resident Judge)

ONE will outlast all the rest based on the following criteria (and become the Sole Survivor!)

  1. Content & Relevance- 50%
  2. User Friendliness – 20%
  3. Authority – 20%
  4. Social Media Presence – 10%

The Immunity Idols (Sponsors)

BCBA 2017 is brought to you by the enormous help of immunity idols from the following partners:


  • PLDT Home
  • Megaworld Corporation

Official Host Partner

  • Cebu Parklane International Hotel

Gold Sponsors

  • Oppo
  • Jollibee

Bronze Sponsors

  • Greenwich Philippines

Donor Sponsors

  • Krispy Kreme Philippines
  • Starbucks Philippines
  • Memoriter Writing Services

Media Partners

  • Cebu Bloggers Society – Your trusted Blogging Organization in Cebu

Official Photographer

  • Alvin Asayas Photography


  • Cebu Fitness Blog
  • FaceCebu.Net
  • Geemiz: Accounting Blog

Congratulations to all nominees and I wish us all good luck!

With the judging phase already concluded, it’s definitely a battle to the finish! Who do you think will outdrift, outsnap and outblog all the rest in this year’s “Survivor” (Cebu Photobloggers edition), errrr, Best Cebu Blog Awards 2017?

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