Upside Down World Cebu: A Unique Topsy-Turvy Experience

“If the world is upside down the way it is now, wouldn’t we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight?”


It’s been three years since my first international trip ~ Kota Kinabalu. We were heading to Mt. Kinabalu when we passed by a house that is literally hanging upside down along the main highway. Curious, we researched about it and found out that it’s known locally as Rumah Terbalik and was the first upsidedown house in Malaysia at that time. It was my first encounter with an Upside Down House and I’m stoked to know that I can experience it again without the need to go to Manila or select Asian countries ’cause it’s now available in Mandaue City, Cebu!

Yes, Upside Down World is now in Cebu and its fun concept is probably the hottest new stuff people are talking about in town. And it’s note-worthy to claim that it’s the first one in Cebu and for the first time ever people feel giddy that their world will be finally turning upside-down. LOL!

It was April Fools Day when my #AdvieBuddies Chester (@chesterscott) and June (@theislandboyy) decided to visit the newly opened Upside Down House Cebu. They even thought that I was just fooling around when I told them that we’re gonna defy gravity by exploring a house where everything is insanely turned upside down. We arrived at the vicinity without hassle, thanks to its conspicuous neon signage.

Upon entry, everything seems normal. There’s an information booth/reception wherein you secure individual ticket by paying the required amount. (See rates at the end of this post)

As a policy, you’ll only be allowed to get inside “bare-foot” so you have to place your footwear and other belongings in a locker. Don’t worry, it’s secured and free.

There are also lots of cool items for sale. As of writing, there’s no snack bar yet but the management is planning to put one in the near future.

There’s also a one-time orientation before you get to take a picture of each room. The assistant will accompany you all through-out the activity to guide you, make suggested poses, and click the camera for you. There are eleven (11) themed rooms in the Upside Down World wherein unique items and picture-worthy settings can be encountered. Just a little reminder though: If you are not used to the topsy-turvy world, then it’s normal that you can get a bit of motion sickness inside each room of the house. But as soon as you get the hang of it, then you’ll get by just fine.

And so are you ready to get inside each room?

Once inside, you will immediately notice that everything, from small to big, are upside down. Sofa, cabinet, TV set, fireplace, clock, and Christmas tree are hanging upside down on the ceiling, or supposedly, on the upside down floor. And that means only one thing, we are walking on the “ceiling” while those furniture are above our head. And it’s insanely gorgeous!

The unique structure of each room is designed for all ages. It’s interactive and will unleash the creativity in you. Likewise, suggested vantage points are marked out for unique photo angles. For purposes of showing how each room looks like post-rotation, will flip all photos into a normal view.

Theme 1: Living Room

It’s our first try. Probably not the best pose of the bunch.
Watching TV from up above. Or is it down below?
Theme 2: Library
Defying gravity by June (@theislandboyy)
Theme 3: Bedroom
What on Earth are we doing?? T_T
Teamwork is key. This is probably our best group shot. But not quite. ^_^
Spiderman in shorts. Hahaha
Theme 4: Kid’s Playroom
This is so awkward!
Where are the kids?
Theme 5: Market
Floatin’ around..
Theme 6: Kitchen
The real Spiderman is on the loose!
Chester (@chesterscott) is drinking water from the faucet like a pro!
Let me grab that boiling kettle!
Theme 7: Dining Room
Spiderman kawatan!
Push cart or pull cart?
Three dimensional dining table!
Theme 8: Laundry Area
How’s the laundry going? Lemme check!
Theme 9: Comfort Room
Dive right in!
Let’s “bowl-in” together!
The exorcism of Vivomigsgee!
Theme 10: Fortune Teller Room
The “Genius” Albert Einstein!
Theme 11: Casino
Raise legs daw eh!
Playin’ this game way above everyone else!
That’s all folks! Still feeling okay after the 11th theme? ^_^
Should you want to experience something new by seeing the world differently, then Upside Down World Cebu is worth a visit. Certainly, it’s a fun addition to Cebu’s booming amusement destinations and a creative introduction to Cebu’s non-nature tourist spots. With intriguing interior designs, it is a great photo opportunity to capture quirky, one-of-a-kind and instagrammable snapshots. Such a unique topsy-turvy experience, I can totally say it’s one for the books.

Mondays to Sundays 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


  • Adults – Php 350.00
  • Kids (below 12 yo): Php 250.00
  • (0-3): FREE
  • Senior Citizen & PWD: Php 250.00


Upside Down World Cebu is located at 2F Unit A-204-206, City Time Square Phase 2, Mantawi International Drive, Mandaue City. From Ayala Terminal, ride a jeepney bound for Mandaue (20B – Merkado/Parkmall route) for Php 9.00 fare.


You may face confusion and challenges in your life but at the end of the day, everything will be fine and will be back to normal. I look forward to another moment of seeing things in different perspective..

’til next time.. Ciao!

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