VivoMigsGee, Newbie Vying for the Top Photoblogger Crown

BCBA Night “Winter” is Coming

For the night is dark and full of terror…!

It’s not that I couldn’t get enough of Halloween or the day of honoring the dead. I’m talking about the upcoming spooktacular event that is “Winter”. A recently concluded nomination week had dawned clear and cold, with a crispness that hinted at the end of summer-like judging phase! Yep, winter is coming! With the 9th Best Cebu Blog Awards (BCBA) night happening this November 27, 2016 in the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers, the cold winds are rising, sending shivers down my spine.


Who wouldn’t? I mean, Top Cebu Bloggers will be acknowledged in their respective niches and I must say I have never experienced this before. This #BCBA2016 Recognition Night is giving me chills, a tingle of thrill glimmering brightly within the darkness of my fear as a first-timer. A tinge of curiosity perhaps.

Playing a friendly competition for ruling of the Northern and Southern Kingdoms of Cebu, I’m exhilarated to witness who’s gonna sit atop in each Blog Niche Throne. In the spirit of camaraderie, honor and pride, Best Cebu Blogs Awards (BCBA) has been the arena of Cebu-based Bloggers annually where troops of bloggers are given the opportunity to socialize with fellow bloggers, and benchmark their skills with Cebu’s finest. This healthy game will bring out the best in you, either you WIN a friend, or DIE, be reborn and improve anew!

Among the seven (7) regal honors, Photo Niche is one of the coveted crown for shutterbugs! Two special awards (i.e., Best Creative Writing In A Blog and Uber Influential Award) shall also be given to the best online writers. With the much-awaited “Winter” just around the corner, may the Lord cast his light upon all the contenders!

Hall of Snappers (Finalists)


After a crucial assessment by the High Ranks of BCBA, only four contenders made it to the cut. And here are the top 4 finalists vying for this year’s Ultimate Photoblogger’s crown, to wit:

1.) Count Ocram

Marco is a Cebu blogger who writes about style, fashion and travel. He’s the man behind, and His personal IG account @countocram has made it on Instagram’s Suggested Users list twice. With those impressive resume to wear the crown (e.g.,multiple awards, significant experience on the social media battlefield), I say he’s the man to beat!

2.) Blissful Snapshots was once a finalist on the same blog niche. With this year being one of the contenders again, she is more determined to take back the throne and finally rule. With her fiery passion for photography, she’s been meaning to wake her dragons up and capture her adventures and memories through blissful snaps. She honored, “Through my eyes as the lens and the world as my backdrop, I capture adventures and memories as a way to add value to this beautiful world we live in.”

3.) The JDGalz

This knight wears his honor like a suit of armor. He’s duty-bound to charm his opponents with his pro photography skills. He doesn’t shy away from making tough calls in welcoming everyone to his world of delectable food finds at His gallery of gastronomic delight will surely lure you in appreciating food photography and beyond. Be captivated with those sweet words “I think it’s better if I just show you.”

4.) VivoMigsGee

I’m the wildling behind Beyond the milestones in my 3 months of blogging, knowing that someone appreciates your work is already a victory for me. I may be a newbie in the field of blogosphere but will not go down without a fight! With continuous improvement in mind, I blog not to impress people. I blog to inspire YOU to embrace your wanderlust thru my snaps. And this explains Vivomigsgee‘s tagline: Drift. Snap. Share. Inspire. With exceptional flair for nature, lifestyle and creativity, VivoMigsGee is passionately driven to flare up the wanderlust and shutterbug inside me all year long.

King’s Small Council (Judges)


Judging the faith of the above-mentioned contenders are the following talented Small Council Maesters:

  1. Mervin Marasigan (PinoyAdventurista from Manila)
  2. Sinjin Pineda (Libotero from Cebu)
  3. Leylander Romarate (TheCebuano from Cebu)
  4. Ria Jose (DyosaLife from Davao)
  5. Nancy Cudis (Resident Judge)

The winners are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Content & Relevance- 50%
  2. User Friendliness – 20%
  3. Authority – 20%
  4. Social Media Presence – 10%

The Royal Allies (Sponsors)


The BCBA Night 2016 is brought to you by the support of the following royal allies:


  • PLDT Home
  • Megaworld Corporation

Official Ridesharing Partner

  • Uber Philippines

Gold Sponsors

  • Crown Regency
  • Jollibee

Bronze Sponsors

  • Huawei Philippines

Donor Sponsors

  • Krispy Kreme Philippines
  • Greenwich Philippines
  • Starbucks Philippines
  • Memoriter Writing Services
  • JKA Glass Enterprises
  • Javders (Cebu Projectors for Rent)

Media Partners

  • Cebu Bloggers Society – Your trusted Blogging Organization in Cebu

Official Photographer

  • Alvin Asayas Photography


  • Cebu Fitness Blog
  • FaceCebu.Net
  • Geemiz: Accounting Blog
  • iJuanderCebu
  • Almera Talks

May the odds be ever in the best blogger’s favor.

Are you up to play the Game of Blog Niche Throne?  If so, you’re cordially invited to this “chilly” spectacle!

Come and join the ranks of #TopCebuBloggers or support them in ruling the Northern and Southern Kingdoms of Cebu!

17 thoughts on “VivoMigsGee, Newbie Vying for the Top Photoblogger Crown

  1. Wow, I know since then that you will get to the center of the stage and you’ve got an ace up your sleeve and that brought you to where you are now. Keep travelling, writing and showing your awesome photos! Congratulations once again Sir Migz! So proud of you?.

  2. Wow. Nalingaw kog basa even though I haven’t watched GoT at all!! But I know the characters. Haha I know, I know I’m one of the 10% who don’t watch. Good luck. You deserve to be a finalist! 🙂 See you!

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