5 Joyful Ways To Brew Your 2017 With CBTL Giving Journey

How do you brew your 2017?

 A.  Travel occasionally
 B.  Make other lives better
 C.  Drink more coffee/ tea
 D.  All of the above

For all we know, the best answer could be letter D (all of the three choices).

For seasoned travelers who are usually dependent on holidays and leave credits, planning is key to effectively realize your dream vacation. Knowing ahead the possible long weekends and tentative schedules of leave credits application can make or break your dream trip.

As the final pages of 2016 are about to be inked, we look forward to another year full of travels and adventures that lay ahead of us. With the recent launching of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®’s “Giving Journal”, you’re one step closer to that dream vacation of yours.

Why jump on the bandwagon of CBTL’s Giving Journey? Here are 5 ways to brew your 2017:

1.) Indulge in a plethora of CBTL’s premium flavors this Season Of Giving

Beverage assignments.jpg

Begin the Giving Journey by collecting stamps for the 2017 Giving Journal.

To claim the journal, just collect 12 stamps with corresponding purchased drink assignments as illustrated above. Get that extra boost from great tasting beverages during your break staple while ultimately having that favorite planner of yours. A box of CBTL™ capsules earns the customer two stamps, while any CBTL™ Single Serve Beverage System purchase automatically allows a customer to claim the 2017 Giving Journal.

Collection of stamps commenced last October 22, 2016 in all The CBTL stores.

2.)  Plan your Dream Trip and Realize a Scholar’s Dream


They say it only takes a simple act of kindness to make an impact on someone’s life.  This #SeasonOfGiving, there’s nothing more fulfilling than enabling someone’s goal of education to soar high. Every cup purchased and Giving Journal redeemed will enable the dreams of REAL Life Foundation scholars to take flight.

Take part of CBTL’s social responsibility efforts and story by giving back to the community and making it a better place, one cup at a time. By redeeming a Giving Journal, you are already sharing your blessings. Because not only will you be enriching the lives of others, you will become more effective in organizing your year long travels as well. Make a positive difference now!

3.) Document the Enriching Story of your own Giving Journey in a Functional Planner


The 2017 edition of The Giving Journal is available in 4 colors—rose, purple, gray, and turquoise,  each representing a Giving icon.

Each icon is a graphic representation of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®’s commitment to giving back to the community, through promoting goodwill and social responsibility.



4.) Reward yourself periodically with 12 Months of Giving!


As the cliche goes, travel is very rewarding. Indeed, what is more gratifying than to get monthly sweet treat for FREE!

Coupons for each month are included in the 2017 Giving Journal for you to enjoy! You may get a cookie, hot tea, another beverage of equal value for free up to Php 500 worth of food upon a specific purchase requirement.

5.) Inspire others with this Season’s Givings Gift Idea


Add the Giving Journal in your wish list or give it as a Christmas present to your friends who love to travel. Make their holidays special with the Giving Journal as an inspirational gift. As you flip every page of the Giving Journal, it will never run out of reasons for you to be inspired and be the best version of yourself.

Are you now ready to change lives this season of giving? Brew your best year yet by starting your Giving Journey. Head to the nearest The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf stores now and collect all 12 stamps.

For more info, visit CBTL website at http://coffeebean.com.ph/.

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