5 Travel Essentials Every Backpacker Must Have

Always wanted to bask in the sun in Boracay, marvel at the sea of clouds up in Mt. Pulag’s summit, dip in the azure waters of Kalanggaman Island, or gaze at the wonders of Cebu’s 111+ spectacular waterfalls? You may’ve been bitten by a wanderlust bug. Well, that’s a positive thing for sure. But with all the preparation that goes along with it, travel can also be a demanding activity. Such a bummer, right? Well, you are not alone!

I’ve been traveling for three years now and what I consistently do in every trip is the “last minute” packing of my travel articles. Honestly, it is stressing me out most of the time. It would have been easier if I organized my things beforehand, but mind you, I never failed in perfecting the art of scrambling. LOL! Well, one of the most important things I’ve learned in traveling is to pack light. When transiting to a new place, you don’t want to carry too much weight, do you? And so, to address this challenge, I made a round-up of my travel must-haves that every traveler should put in mind (and inside the bag).

There are a handful of things that travel along with me – wallet, camera, and of course a backpack. With a backpack, you can safekeep your travel belongings with conviction and style. It is my constant travel companion wherever I go. However, what I put inside my bag varies according to the type of place I’ll visit or kind of jaunt I’ll engage into. If you want to avoid the hangups and trouble of missing out important items, then never leave home without bringing these 5 travel essentials.

1.) Travel Organizers

For seasoned travelers who usually have frequent trips in a month, organizing is key to effectively experience a smooth and hassle-free trip. I bring a lot of travel organizers that store similar things alike such as the following: mini-bag that contains all my toiletries, wallet organizer for all my travel documents, mini-case for electronics and gadgets and of course a carrying pouch for my accessories.

2.) Convertible Neck Pillow + Hammock

A travel neck pillow that converts into a hammock (with net), isn’t it all outdoor enthusiasts need? From the initial land trip, you can already utilize the neck pillow for a comfortable nap. Upon arriving in your destination, you can enjoy the island life (or the mountains) thru hanging by the dou-yan (hammock) with relaxing view, fresh air, and insect-free condition.

3. Banana Bed

Also known as inflatable sofabed, this sleeping bag is perfect for outdoor activities such as camping in the mountains and hinterlands. And it can be used as a floater in the beach too. Lightweight and easy to inflate using natural air, this sofabed is no doubt a practical travel companion. What you don’t see is what you get!

4. Dry bag

And of course, dry bag is the answer to your problem should you plan to undertake wet activities. If you love spelunking, waterfalls chasing, island hopping or canyoneering, then a dry bag is suitable gear to bring with you. Waterproof gear bag protects your belongings from water, ensuring a worry-free and exciting action-packed activity.

5. Beach Towel

It’s not your ordinary beach towel. Popularly known as mandala, it’s round, handy and colorful which makes a great addition to my trips. With a very unique design, it surely be the thing that brightens up the location. Adding a hippie vibe during my travels, this mandala also serves as a protection from the searing heat of the sun or a blanket that keeps me warm on a cold night.

There you go mates! If you doubt you’ll use something, just leave it out! You only need so much in traveling, much like in life. Don’t be afraid to lose your comfort zone for a day or more. Learn what’s important and stick to the essentials.

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