2,000 White Roses Garden: Full Bloom in City Times Square

After the 10,000 Roses Cafe in Cordova became popular early this year, the extraordinary flower attraction have continuously drawn large crowds all over the world. If you haven’t visited it yet, don’t worry ‘coz you can get a glimpse of its stunning garden filled with glowing white roses, without the need to cross the island. Yes, you don’t have to go far since about 2,000 white LED roses have recently “sprouted” right in the heart of City Times Square II in Mandaue City.

City Times Square is actually a strip mall filled with lots of entertainment and dining choices. The first time I visited Times Square II transpired back in April together with my adventure buddies as we defied gravity by exploring a house where everything is insanely turned upside down. Ah-huh, this retail complex houses the only Upside Down World in Cebu and it offers a unique topsy turvy experience. See what to expect inside: Upside Down World Cebu

2,000 White Roses Garden in Full Bloom

A spectacular garden of 2,000 artificial white roses that glow with LED lights is just one of the latest developments of City Times Square II.  What used to be a fountain contained in a block is now a “field of brilliance” that gloriously emits flourescent feels, bringing in customers and visitors to a whole new experience.

Upon entering the vicinity, you’ll be rewarded with a familiar, yet equally stunning, sight. The garden features a flower bed of 2,000 LED-illuminated roses that glow bright amidst the dimly lit open space. Series of bench and some artificial white plants resembling ‘trees covered with snow’ perfectly added a romantic vibe to the already majestic setting.

What I love about this white roses garden is the unique shape. I bet you’ll never guess what it looks like. For me, it resembles a huge jigsaw puzzle with an unfilled space in the middle. It just means more blossoms to go, grow and glow in the near future.

The white roses are made up of light materials: the stem is actually a steel rod that houses the electric wiring and the plastic foggy petals covers the LED mini bulb. The height of each white rose is about 3 meters high and manually installed on the ground and connected by tiny cables and electrical fixtures.

Though the white roses are not real, every angle is visually attractive. There are at least four wooden platforms or boards wherein one can step on and stage your selfies. This idea is actually smart to cater to those who want to be surrounded with flowers without actually damaging the precious beauties.

You can have a better view of the 2,000 white roses garden on the second floor. Just a heads up though, don’t go up to third floor as it is privately owned and off-limits to mall-goers. A security guard won’t let you take photos in said area.

As of writing. mall-goers who happened to pass by in the area are enjoying the blossoms in the garden, taking selfies after selfies. And I’m no exception. =) Oh, did I tell you it’s FREE?

Just to want share a little trivia, the idea of LED-powered white roses is inspired by the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul, Korea. Now that’s a great addition to our listicle of 25 International and PH Wonders found in Cebu.

How To Get There

Ready for that picture-perfect K-drama moment? Visit 2,000 White Roses Garden of City Times Square II in Mantawe International Drive, Tipolo, Mandaue City. From Ayala Terminal, ride a jeepney bound for Mandaue (20B – Merkado/ Parkmall route) for Php 9.00 fare. For private vehicles, there are parking spaces available in phase 1 of City Times Square or you may head across and park at Parkmall’s designated parking lot.

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